Don’t Be A Song Hoarder


Let me give you a scenario. You get picked up by a legit music exec. They tell you they love this one song you wrote, it’s a definite hit. They want to sign you or manage you based on that song. Then they tell you that they want 20% of the writing royalties, and a good portion of the publishing rights, etc start thinking…’hmmm the song is a hit, they said so! Why should I give it to them and let them take a big percentage of MY work? I will sell it myself and keep all the money.’ Or, ‘ My songs are too good to give away any of it, I want to keep it all. You pay me….I wrote it, why should you get writing credit and publishing royalties, you will make more than I will!’  Sound familiar?

This is one of the reasons that some very talented songwriters miss out on one of the best opportunities of their lives. Do you think you can sell your song on iTunes or any other site and make what you could with major funding behind you? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the Indie movement, but the reality is, very few can sell enough on their own. That’s why the Indie labels are thriving! Indie or Major, it’s still a label and it still has the funding that you don’t. It takes LOTS of money to make a song sell big, no matter how good the song is. It takes huge amounts of advertising and professional PR work. There is simply no way you can sell your songs in the volume that a label or company can. That is fact. There are always exceptions to every rule though, so you could chance that you might be that exception and hold onto that song. Chances are, you will be sitting with that hit on your computer for the next ten years, never having it realize its full potential. This is what A&R complain about with artists, one of their biggest mistakes. Don’t hoard those songs. Giving away 30% of multi millions is a lot better than  keeping 100% of a few hundred. Get it? If it’s a legitimate source that has strong interest in your song, give up the percentages of your rights! It’s the difference between selling and not selling. Those words are straight out of the mouth of some very well known record execs. I’m giving you important, useful information here. Don’t be stingy and afraid of giving up some of your rights if you really want to see that song become the hit you know it is. Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from succeeding. Do your research and use some common sense. Also, get a great entertainment attorney..but that’s another story for another time. Wrote those songs to sell them, not to hoard them. No one will know about them if you won’t let them get out there big, and they won’t get out there big if you won’t give the publishing rights up. It’s that simple. 
Why do you think labels are so picky on who they choose to put their money into? Or what songs they pick to push? Because it takes A LOT OF MONEY to get a song going, no matter how great a song it is. So, unless you have a million of your own money to publicize your song and pay for radio plays and buy your way up the charts, well..your song will go nowhere beyond a few hundred or thousand sales online. Whether you know it or not..the more you pay, the more your song gets spun on radio. It’s not as simple as a few people liking it and playing it 20 times a day. That’s not how it works at all (again, another topic for another day)..but just remember, giving up some rights to your songs is the best thing you can do for yourself, your career and your music. 

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