Looking For a Singer


I am looking for a young singer, between the ages of 13 and 18 who would like an opportunity to be lead singer for an amazingly talented 13 year old guitarist. If you, or anyone you know is interested, please reply here. Must be able to perform live, must be willing to travel between the US and the UK. We will consider male or female at this point. Video audition is necessary. If we are interested, you will receive further instructions.

This opportunity is brought to you by Myself in U.S. (New York and Cleveland),  and Darren Sims of Daz’s Rock 4 Charity, UK

This could be a great chance for some great exposure throughout the UK and the US! If under 18, parent or guardian must be willing to travel with you. You will be responsible for travel and hotel expenses. This is about exposure, not money at this point. But then, on the other hand, we are charging nothing for giving you this help and exposure. Typical artist development/managers will have you sign a contract stating that you will give them 20% of any future monies you make from this exposure. We are not doing that at this point. We happen to have an extremely talented guitarist that we are developing and would like to add a singer. If it is a good fit and the audiences respond well, we then talk about adding you to the development roster. We will then look for other band members and get very serious about this. We have existing gigs already lined up in the UK…with US to follow. We can also work around your schedule if you are good enough, by way of adding other dates that work for you.

Once you are accepted, we will have to get both of you together to see how the chemistry is between you and if you are a good fit together…from there, we are off and running!

Please email me at: MLSArtistDevelopment@gmail.com with your interest. You can also submit video auditions to this email.

Good luck!



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